Research Topics Interests

Our research topics can be generally divided into three areas which are computational modeling, optical measurement, and spectral analysis. Please feel free to contact me for further information.


Computational Modeling

The main idea is to develop a collagen or tendon model at the micro-scale. The computational model will be applied to investigate the mechanical behaviors and structural changes of collagen or tendon under force. We seek to find the relationship between the changes of the structures or mechanical properties and related diseases. 旨在開發微觀尺度下之軟骨或韌帶組織模型,並利用電腦模擬了解組織受應力所可能造成的應變及結構上的改變,並探討其變化與相關疾病之間的關係。

Optical Measurement

The main idea is to design an optical system to measure the strain or structural changes of the sample with the higher solution. We aim to apply this means to develop a novel tool in the clinic. 旨在設計一光學系統能量測待測之組織的結構變化及應變,以期開發另外一種高解析度的方式來偵測組織的應變及結構變化並應用在臨床上。

Spectral Analysis

The main idea is to analyze the spectrum whose wavelength range is similar to the endoscope. We aim to find the relationship between the spectrum and structures/mechanical properties of the tissue. The purpose is to advance the functions of the endoscope to provide more information to the clinicians. 旨在利用符合內視鏡之光譜波段進行光譜分析,尋找光譜與組織之間的結構或是機械特性等相關之關聯性,以期增加內視鏡之功能,提供醫師更多相關的資訊。

Current Running Projects

The effect of photobiomodulation and platelet-rich fibrin scaffolds on the chondrogenic potential of adipose-derived stem cells. 光生物調控與富血小板纖維蛋白支架對脂肪幹細胞軟骨分化能力之影響
Development of an artificial intelligence technique to examine the mechanical properties of the regenerated cartilage tissues via pectrum and a cartilage model to investigate the mechanical behavior of regenerated tissues under compression. 開發以人工智慧技術利用光學頻譜檢測新生軟骨組織之機械特性及建立新生軟骨組織模型模擬於不同受壓力下之力學行為表現


Graduate Institute of Biomedical Optomechatronics, Taipei Medical University, Assoc. Prof. Tzu-Sen Yang 台北醫學大學 生醫光機電研究所 楊自森 副教授
School of Dental Technology, Taipei Medical University, Asst. Prof. Wei-Chun Lin 台北醫學大學 牙體技術學系 林煒竣 助理教授
Graduate Institute of Biomedical Optomechatronics, Taipei Medical University, Asst. Prof. Pei-Chun Wong 台北醫學大學 生醫光機電研究所 翁培鈞 助理教授